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Specialist SV sensors available from OSIL
Date: Thursday, March 03, 2011 @ 09:00:00 EST

Specialist SV sensors available from OSILOSIL/AML have supplied a set of specialist SV sensors, calibrated to 2000 m/s, as part of the instrumentation package for use in water-filled cavity survey and well logging applications.

In order to survey a well or cavity it is necessary to use a specially designed vertical sonar instrument. The vertical sonar instrument was designed around a standard 4" bore to enable easy access to the majority of situations. The sonar is capable of surveying subterranean caverns, sub-sea caverns and wells.

As some of these environments may have parameters outside the normal range for seawater (such as high temperatures, high pressure and very high salinity/brine conditions), the requirement for accurate sound velocity readings becomes increasingly more important.

With this in mind, OSIL/AML have developed a specialist SV sensor, capable of operating over the range of 0 - 2000 m/s at elevated temperatures and pressures. The units have already been successfully deployed in both well logging and brine cavity monitoring applications.

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