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New wireless comms system for all marine instruments
Date: Wednesday, March 02, 2011 @ 12:00:00 EST

New wireless comms system for all marine instrumentsOSIL are pleased to announce the launch of a new point to point wireless communications system, developed to overcome the issues associated with traditional GSM modems and VHF/UHF radio communications. The system provides a unique solution to longstanding problems.

The system, which uses GPRS technology, maintains an open, bi-directional wireless connection via a pair of coded modems. This allows users to connect seamlessly to a platform in the field for real-time remote monitoring of the data, as readings are transmitted and displayed on a PC continuously. Settings on the unit can also be updated or corrected via the same connection, as though the unit were next to the operator's desk.

GPRS offers nearly unlimited data transfer capabilities for monitoring applications, without the expense of web application setup fees to transfer data. Removing web applications from the data transfer process also enhances the security of the data. There is no possibility of external access to the data without possessing the uniquely coded modem.

The new system can be coupled to nearly the entire product suite from OSIL, and can be retrofitted to existing platforms.

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