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AXTech and SMD delivered 50T wide angle A-Frames
Date: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 @ 11:00:00 EST

AXTech and SMD delivered 50T wide angle A-FramesAXTech in cooperation with SMD has delivered 50T A-Frames for use during plough or other subsea equipment operations. One of the A-Frames is installed on Segero vessel operated by KT Submarine. Another A-Frame of the same type is installed on Cable Innovator vessel operated by GMS (Global Marine Services).

The A-Frame and its related Stabilization/Docking Frame are hydraulically operated by a dedicated HPU. Normal operation of the A-Frame and other key functions are performed from the Control Consoles installed at vessels' Control Rooms.

Multiple Control Consoles with touch screens make the control system more flexible.

Hydraulically there is one pair of main lifting cylinders in the system. This means that the cylinders must be controlled individually, still keeping the necessary lifting capacity even during a so called "zero-point transition", when a cylinder changes its motion direction.

This feature allows the system to handle heavy loads over the whole motion range increasing the A-Frame's working area.

General specifications:

• Arrangement: 2 cylinder wide angle configuration
• SWL: 50T up to sea state 5
• Full arc movement: 80 degrees outboard to 80 degrees inboard
• Outreach: 12,5m AFT

The two A-Frames were delivered and tested in Korea and Hong Kong respectively.

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