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C-Nav delivers more products, services to Polarcus
Date: Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 09:00:00 EST

C-Nav delivers more products, services to PolarcusC-Nav, the premier supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning services, has installed its latest GNSS systems on the Polarcus Samur. C-Nav has made four installations for Polarcus Group as a part of its service contract with the company. Past installations include the Polarcus Nadia, Polarcus Naila, and Polarcus Asima.

The Polarcus Alima, a new 3D seismic vessel, is also due to be fitted with C-Nav equipment in early 2011.

Kelvin Tang, C-Nav's Singapore manager, said: "C-Nav is proud to have been chosen by Polarcus to provide our worldwide C-Nav GNSS sub-decimeter Precise Point Positioning solution and C-Nav 2050R range of receivers and C-Monitor packages."

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