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VisualSoft launches VisualWorks 9.0 with 3D Structural Viewer
Date: Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 08:53:36 EST
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VisualSoftForum Energy Technologies (UK) Ltd (FET) has announced that its Subsea Services business VisualSoft has launched VisualWorks 9.0, a major upgrade to their existing Pipeline and Structural Inspection Survey Suite.
VisualWorks 9.0 introduces unique workscope support tools and a new integrated 3D Structural Viewer across the entire range of online and offline products:

•    Visual3D-Inspector adds inspection workscope planning and progress tracking seamlessly integrated with digital video acquisition controls and anomaly logging;
•    3D Structural Viewer loads electronic drawings and provides two-way linking of components in asset models with the real video and all associated survey and inspection data for better visualisation during analysis and reporting.

VisualWorks 9.0 also introduces:

•    Improved cleaning and smoothing scripts for cross-profile and multi-beam data to significantly reduce cleaning time and improve the quality of the end results;
•    Separate logging and viewing of Inspection/Survey and ROV Log events to improve usability for ROV crews;
•    Improved decode and overlay of ROV data direct from the vehicle without need for survey/navigation software to support a wider range of vehicles.

Speaking during pre-launch trials, independent Data Processing Specialist, Phil Reed said, ‘the novel way of generating and previewing the inspection workscope visually means ROV pilots and the rest of the inspection team can get a better understanding of the job and can identify potential problem areas before doing the survey for real. Also, the built-in tracking makes it much easier to see at a glance what has and has not been inspected, which is great for handovers. I particularly like being able to load captured video from the 3D structural viewer and directly relate it to events because it makes anomaly review and correction much more intuitive and quicker to do.’

VisualWorks is used by the world’s leading operators, integrated services contractors and dive companies for recording digital video and survey data, for rapid review and QC of logged anomalies and for survey data post-processing. With a range of integrated storage solutions, VisualWorks provides instant access to all project datasets for efficient and reliable reporting saving time and effort both on the vessel and onshore.

About FET

Forum Energy Technologies (UK) Ltd is a global provider of manufactured technologies and applied products to the energy industry. Headquartered in Houston, TX, FET’s 2,000 employees provide the products and technologies essential to solving the increasingly complex challenges of the oil and gas industry. VisualWorks is a product line of FET’s Subsea Services business VisualSoft which provides state of the art digital video and visualisation products and services to global underwater industries including oil and gas exploration and production. For more information, please visit or

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