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Seatronics orders largest upgrade package ever from RESON
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ 11:00:00 EST

Seatronics orders largest upgrade package ever from RESONWith a global presence and a huge portfolio of subsea equipment available to rent for subsea construction and support, the most important thing for Seatronics is a complete range of products using the latest technology. RESON have high-end sonar systems and the knowledge within underwater acoustics industry and unlike others, Seatronics and RESON have been partnering up since early 90's.

When asked about the partnership with RESON, Managing Director of Seatronics David Currie says: "With RESON SeaBat systems we are certain that our clients will meet their survey requirements. The upgraded RESON systems we own will be a good investment for Seatronics and a leap in the right direction for our clients. The enhancements save survey and processing time - essentially which is what it is all about; our clients spend less time at sea and can guarantee that they are bringing back good reliable data."

Last week Seatronics placed an order for 13 upgrades of their SeaBat 7125 ROV version to SeaBat 7125 ROV2 version. Included in the order is also an upgrade of 16 SeaBat 8125's that will be upgraded to the 8125 Hybrid version.

Besides the investment in high-end shallow and mid water range, Seatronics also focus on the low-end shallow water market and after having purchased the RESON HydroBat Composite, also meet the requirements of this market sector.

Seatronics is a recognised rental company within the Middle East, Europe, Asia and US. With this investment in RESON equipment Seatronics is way ahead of competitors worldwide. We are looking forward to these upgrades and are sure they will meet our client's expectations. The decision to upgrade was inline with our aim to provide the very latest in technology from the world's leading manufacturers.

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