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Bowtech can take the strain
Date: Thursday, December 02, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EST

Bowtech can take the strainContinued development in the Termination and Moulding Facility at Bowtech Products sees the team produce their first Strain Termination. By listening to the customers needs, Bowtech has engineered a solution to the specific customer requirement. Undertaking the entire project; custom-design, machining, termination and moulding, all in-house.

The project involved termination of the cable at one end with a polyurethane over-mould to a stainless steel lifting eye, with a subsea electrical connection.

The cable incorporated Vectran® fibre braid, which is weight for weight five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum, to transfer the load to the lifting eye.

The 12.5mm diameter cable and over-mould strain termination were successfully tested to 5kN (509.9 kg) as the minimum breaking load rating of the cable. Bowtech have previously supplied strain terminations tested up to 3000kg.

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