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Sub-Atlantic AP secures ROV contract with Coretech Resources Pte Ltd
Date: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Singaporean marine contractor Coretech Resources Pte Ltd has contracted subsea specialist Sub-Atlantic Asia Pacific (AP) to enhance its growing ROV fleet with their first general purpose inspection class ROV.

The contract will see Sub-Atlantic supply a 600m free swimming Super Mohawk system on an expedited delivery schedule to meet Coretech Resources expanding operational requirements. The period from contract to delivery is less than three months, with delivery planned for September.

The Super Mohawk will allow Coretech Resources to perform pipeline survey and platform inspections and light subsea intervention tasks from any of its vessels..

Chosen for its high power to weight ratio, hydraulic systems and its ability to carry out light workclass tasks such as torque tool operations, flooded member detection and marine growth removal, the system is equipped with 600m of neutral umbilical, hydraulic power pack, dual 5 function manipulators, survey sensors, multiple camera and sensor interfaces, lock latch, plus a tooling skid complete with additional buoyancy.

Sub-Atlantic, part of Aberdeen-based Triton Group, will provide interface and installation services from its Asia Pacific base in Singapore. Immediately following delivery, the ROV will be deployed in support of Coretech Resources busy survey and inspection campaigns covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Triton's regional director for Asia Pacific, Bruce Lokay said: "We are all very excited and pleased that Coretech Resources have yet again chosen Sub-Atlantic for their latest ROV and we are happy to see that our investment in our Singapore support centre continues to add value to our clients.

"Sub-Atlantic's strategy of providing local support capabilities was one of the key deciding factors for Coretech Resources. With our service centres based in strategic locations around the world, we are able to offer our clients a level of service and support that is unmatched in the industry."

Coretech Resources managing director, Rod Nicolson said: "Our decision to invest in another ROV system will further enhance our ability to provide our clients in the region with even more cost effective underwater intervention solutions. We chose to place the order with Sub-Atlantic again as continuity of service, reliability and quality are the most important factors in our business."

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