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BPP-TECH announces dedicated marine cable subsidiary: BPP-Cables
Date: Monday, August 30, 2010 @ 12:00:00 EDT

BPP-TECH announces dedicated marine cable subsidiary: BPP-CablesOwning to the extraordinary success of BPP-TECH's subsea power cable and umbilical services the company has decided to establish a dedicated subsidiary, BPP-Cables.

Projects cover small diameter low-voltage DC coaxial cables up to large cross-section 132kV 100MW AC electrical cables. The announcement comes as firms operating in the offshore energy sector look to, with the Deepwater Horizon incident fresh in the memory, understand and reduce their technological and economic risks. With Oil & Gas exploration and production moving into deeper waters and innovative offshore technologies emerging across the ROV, renewable energy and down-hole sectors, there is a growing need for subsea power cables to be individually engineered. BPP-Cables will provide light weight, long life and low cost electrical power cable solutions using verified design and analysis software and a cradle-to-grave engineering approach. The company will draw from a worldwide client base and operate across offshore energy industries. Visit for more information.

BPP-TECH provides engineering products and services to the Energy sector. We have offices in central London, Houston and Aberdeen. Since 1981, BPP-TECH has combined intellectual strength, technical 'know how' and practical experience to provide value-added engineering solutions. Only recruiting top graduates and PhDs from a wide range of disciplines has given BPP-TECH a worldwide reputation for technical excellence.

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