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National Aquarium Exhibit Will Be Subsea Sector's Showcase For Latest Technology
Date: Friday, December 24, 2004 @ 02:35:47 EST

The Subsea UK organisation and Britain's biggest aquarium, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, have teamed up to tackle the skills shortage in the subsea sector.

They are to encourage young people to pursue a career in marine and science technology.

In what is a first for the industry and the aquarium, a subsea exhibit demonstrating technology in action will be developed with input from the subsea sector.

The aim is to raise the profile of the subsea sector by providing a showcase for the latest technology developments.

The exhibit will show visitors, particularly young people, that there are exciting opportunities in the subsea sector using technology such as remotely operated vehicles, underwater cameras and the very latest diving technology.

The chief executive of Subsea UK, David Pridden, said: "Without an underpinning and growing UK science and technology skills base, the UK will be incapable of competing internationally in the longer term.

"The very real skills shortages in our sector are compounded by an alarming decrease in the number of young people choosing to study science and engineering subjects. To arrest this decline, we have to target young people and demonstrate that there are exciting opportunities in the sector.

"A first-of-its-kind subsea exhibit showing working examples of technology will seek to engage young people."

Subsea UK is calling on companies within the sector to come forward with appropriate technology that could form part of the exhibit. Mr Pridden added: "We are targeting nine to 16-year-olds and are looking for equipment that will create an exhibit that will be fun, interactive and thought-provoking."

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