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Global Marine Systems expands power cable installation capability for European o
Date: Thursday, August 05, 2010 @ 09:00:00 EDT

Global Marine Systems expands power cable installation capability for European offshore wind projectsGlobal Marine Systems (GMS) has announced the availability of its new 7,000 tonne turntable, specifically designed to handle the longer distances and greater weights required by the latest round of offshore windfarm projects. The purpose-built turntable has been mobilised on the AMT Explorer and is the latest example of how the 160 year old company continues to ramp up its investment in and commitment to the European offshore energy market.

"As the industry continues to grow, additional vessels and assets of all types will be necessary. These types of purpose-built assets are needed in order to deliver the unique cable handling and installation requirements of this market," said Nicola Broom, managing director of Global Marine, Energy. "We've worked on some of the earliest and largest offshore projects such as Kentish Flats, Horns Rev and are in the planning phase for London Array. We believe that our continued investment in assets and facilities will play a crucial part in the future of the European offshore wind industry which is ripe with potential."

Global Marine's Portland facility has seen a significant investment in subsea equipment, cable storage and training facilities. It is also the base port for one of its vessels, the CS Sovereign, which has an extensive track record in the offshore power market. This commitment by Global Marine highlights the increasing importance of the Dorset coast as a key marine facilities location for the growing offshore wind market. "Portland continues to be a world-leading facility in the provision of subsea services," as John Davies, managing director of Subsea Services at Global Marine Systems explains. "Ours is the largest facility for cable maintenance in the world, and our highly-skilled team provides innovative cable services and ROV subsea training which are worldrenowned," he said.

Also headquartered at Global Marine's Portland facility is the design and manufacturing site for its innovative Inspection-Class ROV Predator. Due to its compact design, the Predator is more cost-effective than previous ROVs in the market. It's also well-suited for a broad range of observation and inspection tasks, in waters up to 300 metres, making it ideal for use in cable inspection and maintenance programmes necessary for offshore windfarm operations and maintenance.

"This type of progress and expansion is making the cable installation corner of the industry increasingly well-positioned to support the Round 3 phase of windfarms" continued Davies. "Our staging and depot facilities combined with new equipment such as the 7000 tonne turntable, and innovative vehicles like the Predator are all great examples of how the supply chain for subsea cable installation industry is taking hold in the UK."

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