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Seatronics purchase of multibeam sonars from R2Sonic
Date: Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Seatronics purchase of multibeam sonars from R2SonicSeatronics has become the first marine electronics rental company to offer customers the highly innovative Sonic 2024 multibeam echosounder from California-based R2Sonic.

Seatronics has invested heavily to acquire Sonic 2024 units for its bases in Aberdeen, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Soon there will be two units available at all four of the Seatronics bases: the three just mentioned plus the base in Houston. As a further illustration of Seatronics' commitment to this leading-edge technology, the company has been appointed the exclusive sales agent for R2Sonic in the Middle East region.

David Currie, managing director of Seatronics, said: "Seatronics is determined to provide access to the best marine electronics equipment from the world's leading suppliers; further, we are committed to providing experienced and well-trained operators to help customers obtain the optimum performance from what are very powerful tools. The Sonic 2024 echosounder offers significant benefits over alternative equipment in terms of its performance and also its size and weight. From the point of view of our customers, its key advantage is likely to be its versatility, its ability to provide reliable and remarkably clean data under a variety of conditions, at different ranges, and in both imaging and profiling modes."

With its 60 kHz signal bandwidth, the Sonic 2024 offers twice the resolution of other commercial sonars. Frequency of operation ranges from 200 to 400 kHz, which provides unusual flexibility in terms of trading resolution and range, and enables interference from other acoustic systems to be easily controlled.

Perhaps its most notable feature, however, is the capacity to compress the sonar beam, to reduce the spread of the beam and therefore to focus in on a given target. Both the frequency and the extent of beam compression may be selected on-the-fly during survey operations.

Seatronics Ltd, an Acteon company, specialises in subsea marine electronic equipment rental for a range of applications that cover navigation and positioning; environmental and geophysical surveying; inspection and construction work; ROV survey sensors; diver-led, non-destructive testing; and video inspection. Its skilled engineers provide a comprehensive service that includes equipment installation, set-up, calibration, cable moulding and data acquisition.

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