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CSI adding underwater robotics division
Date: Monday, July 12, 2010 @ 13:00:00 EDT

CSI adding underwater robotics divisionOn June 1st, 2010, Bruce Ford announces that Clear Science, Inc. (CSI) will be adding a new cutting-edge division to CSI. The CSI Underwater Robotics Division is scheduled to begin operations on August 1st, 2010.

"Equipment has been purchased and pilot training is underway. We are excited to offer this level of service to this area of the country and beyond," Ford said. He continued to say that this service has been under-represented for many years and that many firms who could make use of small ROV services are often not aware of its availability.

ROVs can benefit firms in three ways, saving money, saving time, and saving risk.

ROVs operate cheaper by deploying with the aid of a pilot only. A typical commercial diver requires a team of support and supervision to complete even routine dives (3-5 persons).

ROVs save significant time which we all know is money. ROVs can dive up to 1000ft and stay there as long as necessary. They can use sonar to find objects quickly. They don't get tired or worry about bottom time or tricky ascents.

ROVs save risk in two key ways. When you don't have to put a diver in the water, there is a net savings by risk reduction. In addition, by making routine underwater inspections more affordable, they can be done with regularity also reducing risk.

Ford concluded his remarks with: "Our task now becomes educating the marketplace. That said, CSI will continue to deliver the highest calibre service to its consulting and R&D clients."

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