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Marport announces contract option award for SQX Class UUV
Date: Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Marport announces contract option award for SQX Class UUVMarport, a leading manufacturer of advanced acoustics technology for Underwater Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, announced today that that it has been awarded a contract option by Geodetic Offshore Services Limited (GOSL) to provide an additional SQX-Class Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). The contract option calls for delivery of two UUVs; an SQX-500 depth rated to 500 metres and an SQX-3000 rated for deep sea operations up to 3,000 metres.

"Marport is very pleased to continue its relationship with GOSL and support them in their efforts to provide innovative solutions to their customers", said Karl Kenny, CEO of Marport. "This award not only reinforces our position in high performance UUV technology, it also speaks to the exciting potential of our series of tightly integrated Software Defined Sonar products."

The Marport SQX-500 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

"We must provide our offshore industry customers with accurate and timely subsea survey information. During a recent visit to Marport we had the opportunity to see the SQX-500 undergo in-water tests and we have every confidence that it will meet and exceed customer expectations especially as we target the West African offshore market," said Emanuel Ekpeyong, Managing Director of GOSL. "The strong efforts by Marport engineers have produced a very innovative UUV design that delivers solid value and provides the mission payload capacity and operational capabilities sought by our customers."

Marport's SQX-3000 UUV is designed for operation in depths of up to 3000 metres and has an endurance of 24 hours. The SQX-3000 will be equipped with a variety of Marport's software defined sonar sensors including a CHIRP Sub-Bottom Profiler, Multi-Beam Bathymetric Sonar, Broadband Imaging Sonar, Obstacle Avoidance Sonar, Altimeters, Sound Velocity Profiler, Doppler Velocity Log and Acoustic Positioning sensors.

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