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SeaZone supports EMEC's wave & tidal site developments
Date: Thursday, June 17, 2010 @ 13:00:00 EDT

SeaZone supports EMEC's wave & tidal site developmentsDetailed survey data from SeaZone is assisting the European Marine Energy Centre Ltd (EMEC) in expanding the services it offers. EMEC provides developers with the opportunity to test full scale grid connected prototype devices in unrivalled wave and tidal conditions.

EMEC is a global leader in renewable energy research. It is based in Stromness, Orkney where it provides developers with access to challenging marine conditions in which to undertake device development. Developers have access to EMEC's wave, tidal and meteorological monitoring data to assist with their analysis of device performance.

EMEC purchased SeaZone's survey and bathymetry data tiles as part of their information-gathering exercise in extending facilities at their grid-connected sites and developing new scale test facilities. The availability of this data saves time and cost by reducing the need to commission survey work, and consequent dependence on weather conditions.

Linda Forbes, EMEC's Project Manager quotes: "Having this detailed data readily available, supports the planning and development of EMEC's wave and tidal test facilities."

Digital Survey Bathymetry is an unprecedented solution to obtaining authoritatively sourced, quality controlled, detailed and accurate information of water depth, essential for a wide variety of applications including environmental modeling, site investigation and other forms of detailed analysis.

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