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Ashtead Technology invests in the latest Reson technology
Date: Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 11:00:00 EDT

Ashtead Technology invests in the latest Reson technologyWith demand for multibeam echosounders on the increase, Ashtead Technology have recently invested in two new Reson SeaBat 7125 high-resolution multibeam echosounders, valued at 500,000.

Over the years, Reson SeaBat systems have gained world-wide reputation for their capability to provide high-resolution bathymetry and imagery data in real time for extremely detailed 3-D representation of underwater features and seabed conditions.

SeaBat multibeam sonars are designed to meet surveyors need for cost-effective, fast and reliable operation with ultra wide swathe coverage and outstanding submarine data collection even in the most challenging waters.

The new generation SeaBat 7125, available to rent from Ashtead now, builds on the field experience and feeddback from many users around the world and brings unparalleled resolution and installation flexibility. A special emphasis has been put on maximizing operational efficiency and feaatures such as variable swath width and roll stabilisation combined with a high ping rate and excellent data quality.

The SeaBat 7125 has a 6000m depth rating and features include:

• Up to 512 beams with equi-distant or equi-angle footprints providing extremely high density and maximizing swath width
• Real-time roll stabilisation maximizing usable swath
• Dual frequency, 200kHz and 400kHz, provides seamless coverage from 0.5 to 500m range
• Compliance with IHO SP44Ed5 over entire depth range
• Advanced diagnosticss
• High ping rate allows high speed operations without compromising data density

New features in April 2010, that are included in Ashtead's SeaBat 7125 systems:

• Variable swath 45 128 degrees
• Bathy, SSS, SNP output
• Adaptive gates will automatically fit gates around profiles for more accuracy
• Data recording
• Trigger IN/OUT

Christian Blinkenberg, Sales and Business Development Director at Ashtead Technology commented: "Reson products have been a popular choice with our rental customers and the purchase of the Reson SeaBat 7125 is our latest step in capital investment to keep up with customer demand. We already have a large quantity of the well known industry standard SeaBat 8125, but as deep water projects are on the increase there is a demand for multibeam systems with a depth rating up to 6,000m like the SeaBat 7125. Ashtead Technology are pleased to continue having the newest technology available for our customers."

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