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L-3 Klein announces the release of the new HydroChart 5000 side scan and bathyme
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 13:00:00 EDT

L-3 Klein announces the release of the new HydroChart 5000 side scan and bathymetric sonar systemL-3 Communications announced that its Klein Associates, Inc. division (L-3 Klein) released the revolutionary new HydroChart 5000 side scan bathymetric sonar system at Oceanology International, in London. The HydroChart 5000 represents the latest technology for the acquisition; display and processing of highly accurate bathymetry data integrated with high resolution side scan imagery, meeting IHO SP-44 Special Order Standards. The HydroChart 5000 utilizes a phase difference measurement technique and Linear FM (Chirp) processing, to produce the highest quality data sets for the hydrographic industry.

The HydroChart 5000 reduces survey times in half compared to conventional surveys using multi-beam echo sounder systems. The HydroChart 5000 may be hull mounted or pole mounted and is easily integrated with commercial positioning and motion sensing systems.

Customers have already benefited from this technology as towed systems developed at L-3 Klein use this same technology to map the ocean's bottom. The HydroChart 5000 is a true hydrographic tool to effectively and precisely measure depths with a swath of up to 12 times the water depth.

L-3 Klein's internationally accepted SonarPro acquisition and processing software saves HydroChart 5000 bathymetric and side scan data in industry-standard file formats which allows it to be post processed using third part data processing packages, such as Caris and Hypack.

With over 35 years of experience, L-3 Klein is the worldwide leader in commercial side scan sonar systems. The L-3 Klein HydroChart 5000 is another example of how L-3 Klein continuously achieves its goal of bringing the latest in technology to the underwater industry at commercially acceptable pricing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to operate in all water depths from a few meters to over 6000 meters.

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