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Derinsu-Turkey signs contract for a SeaBat 7125-SV multibeam sonar systems
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Derinsu-Turkey signs contract for a SeaBat 7125-SV multibeam sonar systemsDerinsu Underwater Engineering & Consulting in Turkey has ordered the ultra-high resolution sonar system SeaBat 7125-SV to add to their pool of SeaBat sonar systems.

Derinsu is an underwater engineering company located in Ankara, which is fully capable of performing any kind of nearshore and offshore surveys. The company will use the SeaBat 7125-SV system for high resolution pipeline surveys and geophysical surveys in and around Turkey. Derinsu has previously conducted numerous surveys using SeaBat sonar systems, including surveys of the Nabucco Gas Pipeline Marmara Sea Crossing offshore route.

SeaBat 7125-SV offers a number of new and unique features. The transceiver provides an integrated multiport serial card and is optionally available with PDS2000 pre-installed providing data acquisition and display as well as data processing on the same hardware platform. Four video outputs allow multiple survey and helm displays to be run. Roll stabilization and variable swath coverage of up to 140° featuring 200kHz and 400kHz frequencies allows users to optimize the combination of swath and resolution given the best overall results.

A real-time uncertainty output from the SeaBat 7125 can be input into PDS2000, along with information from other sensors to calculate a TPE (Total Propagated Error). Soundings can be filtered by setting either the relevant IHO order or by defining a custom vertical error limit. Other new features in SeaBat 7125-SV include roll stabilization, XYZ offsets for flexible transducer installations, Quality filter and advanced diagnostics which increase survey efficiency. Further, AutoPilot uses sonar tuning values from a default or user generated look-up table for hands free sonar operation.

Okan Taktak, General Manager of Derinsu-Turkey states: "For a number of years we have used SeaBat sonar systems for our High Resolution Baseline surveys. The new SeaBat 7125-SV will allow us to get even better data for seabed topography, pipeline surveys, F/O and Power Cable baseline surveys."

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