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New Star Tracker from Applied Acoustics
Date: Friday, May 07, 2010 @ 11:00:00 EDT

New Star Tracker from Applied AcousticsApplied Acoustics unveiled their new USBL tracking system at Underwater Intervention in New Orleans this February. Called the Easytrak Alpha, it is the introductory and most compact of their range of subsea tracking systems. Ideally suited for small vehicle operations or basic diver tracking, Alpha is a condensed and cost-effective system for monitoring close range subsea targets.

The Alpha system is centred on a desktop command console connected to the submerged transducer and to the host PC via a USB port. With its own internal GPS receiver, Alpha calculates the target's position as well as its range and bearing. With the ability to offer hemispherical tracking, Alpha is ideal for shallow water applications from small work boats in coastal waters, estuaries and lakes.

Alpha joins other Easytrak systems in a range of subsea tracking units from Applied Acoustics that offer true flexibility in operation, including a rack-mounted, spread spectrum model and a fully portable version. The support of a wide range of transponders for positioning and release completes the versatility of the USBL systems on offer.

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