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RESON and ADUS announce collaboration in high resolution multibeam sonar imaging
Date: Thursday, May 06, 2010 @ 11:00:00 EDT

RESON and ADUS announce collaboration in high resolution multibeam sonar imagingRESON A/S the world leader in the manufacture of high-quality underwater acoustic systems is delighted to announce that it has reached agreement to supply its SeaBat 8125 Hybrid Multibeam Sonar system to ADUS the leading company in high-resolution multibeam wreck surveys.

ADUS will use the SeaBat and other RESON equipment for surveys of wrecks at depths down to 6000m, with RESON providing technical support where necessary.

The two companies have agreed to collaborate closely on the continued development of new markets and applications for multibeam sonar making full use of the developments that ADUS has made in the 3D visualization of sonar data.

Kim Lehmann RESON's CEO said: "ADUS has set the benchmark where high resolution multibeam sonar is concerned. It is significant that ADUS have chosen RESON as their partner and we look forward to an exciting future working together".

Martin Dean, MD and co-founder of ADUS said: "Our experience has demonstrated that RESON multibeam systems are the best in the world and we are delighted to have developed this unique relationship. We look forward to accessing RESON's considerable know-how in acoustic instrumentation to further enhance the quality of ADUS' visualizations."

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