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CTC Marine Projects is awarded post-lay trenching contract by Shell
Date: Monday, May 03, 2010 @ 11:00:00 EDT

CTC Marine Projects is awarded post-lay trenching contract by ShellCTC Marine Projects Limited (a Member of Trico Marine Group) has been awarded a contract from Shell for the post-lay trenching of approximately 11km of pipeline.

The scope of work includes the post-lay trenching of a concrete coated steel pipeline with a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piggyback in water depths ranging between approximately 75 and 20 metres to a trench depth of 2 metres. The project will be performed in challenging soil conditions of dense to very dense gravely sands.

CTC's new and acclaimed world's largest rock trencher, RT-1, will be used on the project and represents the RT-1's inaugural scope of work. RT-1 is a 2.3 Megawatt tracked heavy duty pipeline trencher specifically designed for the burial of large diameter pipelines in soils far beyond the boundaries of traditional trenching and ploughing.

The RT-1 trencher will be deployed from the TSV Maersk Advancer which has the capability to operate in high sea state. An ROV will be employed for operational assistance during trenching operations and to undertake all survey requirements and observation duties during the trenching.

CTC were awarded the project on the basis that they have the extensive capabilities required to carry out the work effectively and most efficiently, and most importantly, a wealth of engineering expertise. The RT-1 was chosen to perform the complex operations due to its ability to overcome the various soil conditions present in the area and accommodate the extraneous flowline combined with the main pipeline.

CTC Managing Director, Daryl Lynch says of the contract success: "Without the talented team that makes up our organisation, it would be impossible to deliver such strong performance, which gives us the edge over our competition. At CTC, it is the subsea experience, skills and professionalism of our people that made us the obvious contractor of choice for this post-lay trenching project."

"This contract shows CTC's ability to adapt and overcome the obstacles that present themselves as we continue to expand our services, providing geographical resilience and sector resilience to the Trico Marine Group."

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