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SAAB SEAEYE Sabertooth: New AUV
Date: Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 08:00:00 EDT

SAAB SEAEYE Sabertooth: New AUVTHE SEAEYE SABERTOOTH is a merger of the Double Eagle SAROV™ (Saab Autonomous Remotely Operated Vehicles) and Saab Seaeye technologies, resulting in a hovering hybrid AUV/ROV with deep water capability, long excursion range and 360° manoeuvrability with 6 degrees of freedom. Sabertooth is ideal for autonomous inspection and maintenance of subsea installations, and offshore survey work.

SAAB SEAEYE Sabertooth: New AUV• Operational depth of 3000 msw
• Battery power allowing long range operations, with either full operator control via a thin fibre
optic tether or autonomous operation (with operator control in proximity of targets)
• Full AUV functionality with obstacle avoidance, behaviour based control and underwater
docking capability
• Redundant fault tolerant control system
• Non-invasive self-diagnostics
• Advanced autopilots: heading, depth, pitch, roll, stabilisation, altitude, station keeping,
vector transition, obstacle avoidance and sonar target tracking
• Remote internet interface for base and Seaeye technical support.

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