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Underwater Robot to Stake Canada's Arctic Claim
Date: Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 08:00:00 EDT

Underwater Robot to Stake Canada's Arctic ClaimOTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon visited the Far North this Monday and Tuesday to see firsthand the work of scientists who are mapping the seabed and collecting data to help establish Canada’s Arctic sovereignty.

Mr. Cannon’s trip took him to Resolute Bay in Nunavut, a meeting and launching base for Arctic research and expeditions, and to Borden Island where researchers at an ice camp are conducting fieldwork as part of the effort to determine the outer limits of Canada’s continental shelf.

“At some point, there will be another line on the map of Canada showing the outer limits of the extended continental shelf. The staff of the Borden Island camp are among those who will have helped to put that new line on the map,” Mr. Cannon said in a statement.

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