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Date: Monday, March 08, 2010 @ 11:12:44 EST

starfish_450f_advanced_system_box_w200ROVworld Lda is pleased to announce that it has recently delivered a StarFish (Advanced Pack) sidescan sonar seabed profiling system to Nerus II Ambiente e Lazer Lda of the Azores.


StarFish, manufactured by Tritech International Ltd, is the revolutionary side scan sonar system that can produce spectacular images of the seabed. Built to a unique, innovative design, the StarFish 450F is currently the smallest 'towfish' side scan sonar on the market measuring less than 15 inches (381mm) long!

Utilising advanced technology developed from the professional underwater survey industry, StarFish makes high-tech seabed imaging accessible to anyone.


More information on the StarFish side scan sonar can be found: Here


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