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The World AUV Market Report 2010-2019 published by Douglas-Westwood
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 @ 09:00:00 EST

The World AUV Market Report 2010-2019 published by Douglas-WestwoodThe second edition of The World AUV Market Report, from business energy analysts, Douglas-Westwood, considers the prospects for this innovative and potentially market-changing technology - forecasting future markets for AUV manufacturers through to 2019.

A new edition

Although 629 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) have been produced to date, they are still regarded as a relatively new technology. However, considerable investment by research institutes, manufacturers and the military - followed by a number of successful early commercial deployments - has meant that AUVs are starting to replace and outperform more traditional technology.

AUV technologies

The World AUV Market Report 2010-2019, is geared to the needs of the senior executive and assumes no previous reader knowledge of the subject area. It describes how AUVs fit into the family tree of unmanned underwater vehicles, outlines the development of the industry and provides detailed examples of the various types of AUVs - as well as their underlying technology.

The report segments AUV numbers by type and application, while providing insight into developers, manufacturers and operators. It also explores key market drivers and delivers a detailed analysis of the current AUV fleet. In addition, it discusses key AUV requirements including positioning and obstacle avoidance as well as critical AUV components such as power sources and survey sensors.

A $2.3 billion market

The market modelling process used for The World AUV Market Report 2010-2019, is based on three scenarios - 'High Case,' 'Low Case,' and, 'Most Likely,' - and includes oil & gas, research and military applications. It also identifies existing fleet numbers, examines the market drivers and prospects in each of the main application sectors and forecasts total growth prospects to 2019 for each scenario.

In the 'Most Likely' scenario, the report forecasts that 1,144 AUVs will be required over the next decade - comprising of 394 large, 285 medium and 463 small units. This would result in a total market value of $2.3 billion over the forecast period - just under half ($1.1billion) of which will come from military sector expenditure. However, the report's, "High Case," scenario predicts that there may be a requirement for 1,870 units - corresponding to a total market value of $3.8 billion over the forecast period.

The market forecasts and technology updates are complimented by selected case studies that provide examples of AUV applications in situations ranging from seabed surveying to ocean research and mine counter-measures work.

Industry players & competitive landscape

Tables show AUV numbers by type and appendices outline significant companies, vehicle manufacturers and operators and AUV sector technology providers.

An acclaimed series

The World AUV Market Report 2010-2019 is the latest in an acclaimed series of business studies used by organisations in over 60 countries worldwide. These include oil majors, investment banks, offshore contractors, agencies and departments of governments.


Executive summary and conclusions - overview of key report findings, market forecasts, comparison with the previous edition and conclusions
An introduction to unmanned underwater vehicles - Overview of ROV vehicle types and their purpose, rationale & technical evolution of AUVs, significant points in AUV history
Applications - why AUVs? - the alternatives, advantages of using AUVs. Description of AUV applications including commercial oil & gas related activities submarine telecoms cables, military, ocean research and others
AUV technology - hull shape & size, power, propulsion and manoeuvring, buoyancy, positioning & navigation, communications, sensor payloads, autonomy
Market forecasts 2010-2019 - introduction - the existing fleet, the scenario approach, market drivers. Oil & gas sector forecasts, deepwater survey, deepwater field operations and pipelines. Hydrographic and research sectors. Submarine cable sector, military sector. Total market - units and values
Appendices - summary company profiles, hardware manufacturers & vehicle operators

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