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Deepwater ROV deployed dredge clears subsea sediments
Date: Friday, January 22, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EST

Deepwater ROV deployed dredge clears subsea sedimentsWhen drilling operations for a major oil company's Gulf of Mexico well were completed in depths greater than 2,000 msw, the sediment deposits had covered the subsea equipment, including the corrosion protection anodes. Using a 6-inch Oceaneering GTO Subsea AS ROV Dredge, several feet of silt deposits and drill cuttings were removed and the effectiveness of the anodes was quickly restored.

The Oceaneering dredge, a Venturi based system, excavated the subsea equipment site by moving the layered deposit materials out of the way of further well completion operations. The powerful 6-inch system can move 40 tons of deposits per hour with the capacity to accommodate stones or lumpy deposits to a diameter of 5.5-inches. By adding customized suction hosing, the discharged materials can be directed as desired.

The specialized tooling can be easily mounted to the ROV and requires no additional personnel for operation or deck space and sea fastening.

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