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US Navy orders additional Sentinel Integrated Swimmer Detection systems for defe
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010 @ 12:00:00 EST

US Navy orders additional Sentinel Integrated Swimmer Detection systems for defence programmeSonardyne International has sold and delivered additional Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar Systems for the US Navy. They will be used for the Integrated Swimmer Detection Program managed by the Naval Underwater Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport RI. Ordered in October 2009 the systems were delivered and commissioned within 6 weeks.

The latest deliveries are in addition to the multiple systems already delivered as part of the US Navy's Integrated Swimmer Defence Program. Sonardyne has now been working with the NUWC for over 2 years delivering underwater sonar detection and classification expertise as part of the integrated underwater defence system designed and developed by the engineering team at NAVSEA.

Commenting on the award, Jim Pollock, mission capability manager for the war on terror at NUWC said: "The additional Sentinel Systems will be integrated into the NAVSEA ISD system that is supporting acquisition of an enhanced, deployable ISD capability for the Maritime Expeditionary Security Forces (MESF)."

The contract was placed within the terms of Sonardyne's unique General Service Administration (GSA) contractor ref no. GS-07F-0531U for intruder detection sonars.

Sentinel is a compact underwater surveillance sonar that automatically detects, tracks and classifies subsea targets including surface swimmers, divers and vehicles. Operating autonomously or as part of an integrated system that incorporates surface radar and electro-optic devices, Sentinel provides complete subsea domain awareness for any asset or infrastructure that has a water boundary or interface such as vessels, ports and harbours, critical Infrastructure, maritime borders and high value assets.

Commenting on the latest contract, Eric Levitt, Sonardyne's business development manager for maritime security and defence, Americas, commented: "These latest contracts from the US Navy are in recognition of the programme's success and continued development providing the potential for an affordable and efficient system to protect the nation's military and commercial maritime infrastructure".

This award closely follows the first contract for a fixed, permanent Sentinel installation with a commercial port in the United States. The sonar will be integrated into the port's new command and control system that fully integrates data from sonar, cameras and radars to provide protection of shipping and port infrastructure from maritime threats.

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