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IMCA launches CMID database website and e-CMID
Date: Friday, January 08, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EST

IMCA launches CMID database website and e-CMIDA new secure online database for Common Marine Inspection Document reports has been launched by IMCA, together with a new e-CMID application. Together, they aim to improve the quality, consistency and availability of CMID reports. The developments are fully funded by IMCA on behalf of the industry and are available for use without charge by members and non-members alike.

In the past, clients and prospective clients have requested individual audits of vessels that they wished to contract. These audits can be both time-consuming and expensive; and many operators were struggling with the demands placed upon them. The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) aims to reduce the number of audits carried out on individual marine vessels through the adoption of a common auditing standard for the offshore industry

A competent and independent third party should complete the audit, enabling subsequent clients or prospective clients to consider their results rather than simply requiring full re-inspections.

As a 'living' document, the CMID can be kept updated onboard, so that the time required for an audit can be reduced.

The CMID is regularly reviewed and updated in the light of regulatory and technical developments. Issue 7 has been prepared by a cross-industry workgroup with input provided by contractors (vessel operators), charterers (oil companies through their trade association OGP), consultants and other interested parties at dedicated workshops in Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. The document has been thoroughly reviewed and rewritten, with a clearer structure, removing previous subjectivity in the questions and incorporating updates to reflect technological, operational and regulatory developments. Additional guidance is provided on inspector competence. Finally, vessel-type-specific appendices have been removed.

CMID Database and e-CMID

The CMID Database website facilitates sharing of completed CMID reports between vessel operators and their clients, with an e-CMID application available for inspectors to complete and upload their reports in a common format. Registration is open to those organisations operating offshore vessels, their clients and vessel inspectors (IMCA members and non-members alike).

Visit to register now.

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