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Hydro Group aids ground-breaking underwater communications system development
Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 08:00:00 EST

Hydro Group aids ground-breaking underwater communications system developmentAberdeen-based Hydro Group, a global solutions provider of optical and electrical products in the subsea technology industry, has collaborated with an Italian systems design company, to develop a ground-breaking intelligent underwater communication system.

The project was Sponsored by PSTL Science & Technology Park in Liguria, Italy, and saw Hydro Group working with Italian company SMID Technology to provide them with the underwater backbone of the Underwater WEB, the first smart underwater network of its kind..

The Underwater WEB is capable of interfacing with underwater sub-systems (known as host units) such as sonar, hydrophone arrays and acquisition systems, using only one cable and one control unit - the first time this capability has been made available to the market..

The new system benefits underwater networks such as port protection, traffic monitoring, seismic research and mammal survey..

Bruno Miaschi, Hydro Group business partner, an underwater engineering expert who previous worked for over 40 years at NURC, said: "The Underwater WEB was sea-tested under the supervision of the NATO Underwater Research Centre, witnessed by Italian Navy Officers, Genoa University Professors and sponsors PSTL. .

"WEB fulfilled all requested scientific requirements and was considered by all a huge success." .

Luigi Corradino, SMID Technology Project Leader, said: "We contacted other reputable international subsea technology companies to work with on this project, choosing Hydro Group as it is capable of supplying a complete solution for the project.".

Hydro Bond Engineering, produced the connectors for the system, and the cable was specifically designed by Hydro Cable Systems - both Hydro Group companies. .

Bruno added: "The Underwater WEB adopts a cable with overall diameter of less than 20mm which means its bend radius provides easy transportation and deployment at sea, with the added benefit of being able to interface with most sub-systems available on the market."

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