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AC-ROV distributor sales news
Date: Thursday, November 26, 2009 @ 10:00:00 EST

AC-ROV distributor sales newsAC-CESS Co UK Ltd (Aberdeen, Scotland), manufacturer of the AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System has worked aggressively to establish a global presence in a competitive marketplace. The following sales represent some of the resent successes achieved by our distribution network.

All-Star Technology Corporation of Taiwan

Representing the first AC-ROV sold in Taiwan, AC-ROV distributor All-Star Technology Corporation is proud to announce the sale of a 100m tether system to an undisclosed client.

ATSA of Australia

ATSA have sold a 120m tethered AC-ROV system with thickness gauge to Subsea Access of Tasmania. Servicing client underwater asset management requirements, Subsea Access use both ROV and diving operations for underwater visual inspection and maintenance. The AC-ROV will be deployed in a variety of roles including the visual and acoustic inspection of bridges, hulls, propellers, outfalls and intakes and environmental and aquaculture surveys.

Sanrig Pty Ltd of Wollongong, Sydney has taken delivery of a 52m mixed tether AC-ROV for reservoir and tank inspections. Mr James Walker, managing director of Sanrig was suitably impressed by the portable and robust nature of the AC-ROV: "We regularly carryout inspection work in hard to reach locations, so having a tough one case system like the AC-ROV is a great benefit, it's a real get it in and get on with it kind of tool."

ROVworld Lda of Portugal

ROVworld has announced the sale of a 100m tethered AC-ROV system with slip ring to Dunnimaa Engineers & Diver Enterprises Pvt Ltd of Mumbai, India. Mr A S Rathore, Manager of Dunnimaa inquiry indicated they were looking for a compact system, with single operator setup and operation and ease of transportation by road or helicopter. Mr. Rathore felt that the one case AC-ROV suited their needs by offering both value for money and high portability. The AC-ROV is being used by Dunnimaa in the Mumbai High region, West Coast India for rapid response oil & gas support tasks requiring underwater observation and video recording.

ROVworld Lda has also advised they have recently delivered an AC-ROV to Masterconnect Lda of Portugal. The ROV system is used for bridge support surveys and other inshore operations. Previously Masterconnect used divers for these types of operations however, owner and manager of Masterconnect Mr Rui Duart advised that the AC-ROV system now gives his company greater flexibility for underwater inspection requirements around Portugal.

Thermacline of Canada

Thermacline have sold a 40m tether unit to Labrador Diving Services (LDS) for deployment on pipe, tank and dive support work. The extremely portable nature of the 1 case AC-ROV system has been a major benefit to Mr Brian Corbin of LDS: "I carry out annual inspections on base reservoirs and ships for Serco, the Canadian Forces Goose Bay base service provider. As a result I require to be flown from job to job by helicopter. The compact hand carry AC-ROV is so suited to my work environment - I love the machine!"

Environment Canada has also purchased a 40m tethered AC-ROV system from Thermacline for use in river bed monitoring of fish species and pollution. The AC-ROV will be deployed mainly for aquatic plant and substrate cartography allowing hydrodynamic and plant modeling of the St. Lawrence River to be achieved.

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