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Dominant Cornell AUV is powered by VideoRay
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EST

Dominant Cornell AUV is powered by VideoRayCornell's victory at AUVSI's 12th Annual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition, in both the in-water competition AND the design and implementation judging, was won with a dedicated team and a decade's worth of hard work and research. A key part of this is making certain that each aspect of the vehicle used the best technology available. And VideoRay thrusters, with their exceptional efficiency and highly developed reliability, are simply the best technology.

VideoRay's Director of R&D, Marcus Kolb, was thrilled to hear about Cornell's double victory this year. "The competition there is intense, and I'm proud we could contribute in a small way. I've convinced VideoRay management that we should investigate selling our thrusters more widely after this impressive showing on Cornell's vehicle." Marcus also commented that he was impressed to hear that Cornell's unit was in the water every day from May 9th through the competition. That kind of rigorous field testing is similar to what VideoRay does with new VideoRay models.

The Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team designs and builds AUVs. The team and vehicle have received serious attention from various industry members because of their performance and flexibility. Prior to 2009, The CU-AUV team had won the design and implementation award at the competition for 5 years running. Visit the CU-AUV team at

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