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LinkQuest delivers 290 acoustic modems within 30 days
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EDT

LinkQuest delivers 290 acoustic modems within 30 daysLinkQuest has been busy producing its industry-leading underwater acoustic modems in the summer of 2009 and has set a company record to ship 290 SoundLink acoustic modems within 30 days. LinkQuest has shipped a large number of long-range deepwater acoustic modems for seabed seismic monitoring applications.

These modems will be used to interface with seismic sensors to monitor offshore oil and gas field reservoirs in large-scale deployments. LinkQuest has also delivered a dozen of UWM4000 modems for communication between surface ship/platform and downhole oilfield tools in offshore oil field projects. Another dozen of acoustic modems have been shipped with LinkQuest's FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers.

These modems will be used to periodically upload current ensemble data from the FlowQuest systems without the need to retrieve the FlowQuest systems or monitor the current, tide and wave measurements in real time. A large number of UWM2000, UWM2000H and UWM4000 modems have also been shipped for AUV high speed data communication, submersible command and control, acoustic uploading and other diverse applications in this period.

With overwhelmingly superior field performance, large quantity production consistency and cost effectiveness, LinkQuest further extends its dominance in the underwater acoustic modem market.

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