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Applied Microsystems announces name change
Date: Friday, October 09, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Applied Microsystems announces name changeAfter 35 years of operating with the same name, Applied Microsystems Ltd. has changed its name to AML Oceanographic. Why the name change? AML Oceanographic wants to better communicate their focus on oceanography and their oceanographic and hydrographic customers.

The company sees their mission as the design and delivery of innovative solutions to problems in these fields. Innovation - and challenging their industry to try new methods - has been the company's hallmark for many years.

Most recently, AML Oceanographic launched a series of field-swappable sound velocity, conductivity, temperature, and pressure sensors. Field-swappable sensors dramatically change the rules of oceanographic instrumentation, eliminating the need to return instruments to service centres for recalibration.

In 1995, AML Oceanographic pioneered the design of the time-of-flight sound velocity sensor. Today, AML Oceanographic is the vendor of choice for sound velocity measurement for a wide range of marine survey organizations and manufacturers of multi-beam, single beam, intrusion detection, and positioning systems.

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