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Savante lights the route forward with underwater laser scanner
Date: Friday, October 02, 2009 @ 07:15:29 EDT

Savante Offshore Services Ltd (SOSL) is proud to announce the release of their latest and most powerful subsea laser inspection scanner.  With an established record of operation in the measurement and categorisation of pipeline damage to the oil super-majors spanning four years and having recently successfully completed a trenching metrology campaign on the UK continental shelf, the latest system features new levels of laser power providing sub-mm precision in ultra-deep water using any workclass or inspection ROV in realtime.

Stand-alone subsea laser profiler


The system generates high resolution 3D models which can be rendered for the development of repair solutions and monitoring the progress of corrosion-structural problems.  Other applications include the classification of pipeline damage, metrology of anchor trawl, rope and chain mooring failures, structural cracks and high speed seabed search.



Savante Offshore Services specialises in the provision of high precision sub-mm subsea metrology and positioning solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas inspection industry. 


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