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Galoc Field operational again
Date: Friday, September 18, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Galoc Field operational againGaloc Production Company (GPC) is pleased to confirm that production at the Galoc Oil Field re-commenced following the reconnection of the Mooring & Riser System (M&RS) to the FPSO Rubicon Intrepid. The original disconnection, which occurred in late June 2009, was due to adverse weather conditions associated with Tropical Storm NANGKA (Feria).

Following the disconnection the riser subsequently sustained damage, which required the replacement of one of its 30metre long sections. This work was undertaken on location by the FPSO operator Rubicon Offshore International using their own work class vessel Rubicon Maverick. Completion of the work was delayed due to continuing poor weather experienced in the Galoc Field area over the last two months, which restricted the subsea work activities.

After initial flush production it is anticipated that daily throughput will stabilize at pre-shut down levels of 11,000 b.o.d.

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