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Fugro acquires HUGIN 3000 to expand deep-water surveying capability
Date: Thursday, September 30, 2004 @ 22:47:18 EDT

fugroFugro has placed an order with Kongsberg Maritime for the purchase of a HUGIN 3000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The vehicle will be delivered and tested before the end of 2004 and will be ready for service early in the New Year.

With the addition of this vehicle to the ‘Echo Ranger’ currently being operated by Fugro in Gulf of Mexico, Fugro is demonstrating its continued commitment to providing a high technology service to the global marine survey industry. Fugro will be the only company able to offer simultaneous deep- water AUV survey services in widely differing geographic areas.

Target market areas are: deep-water field development projects, regional seabed mapping, and route survey projects with a strong focus on integrated geophysical and geotechnical services.

The HUGIN 3000 is the latest AUV model in the HUGIN family. It is being supplied with improved navigation capabilities and has a depth capability of 3000 meters.

Fugro’s HUGIN 3000 can be equipped with a range of payload sensors depending on the application and user needs and will initially be supplied with the following sensors:

- EM 2000 200kHz Multibeam echo sounder
- EdgeTech Full Spectrum Chirp seafloor mapping system comprising integrated side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler
- Conductivity, Temperature Depth system

The power source is a novel semi fuel cell battery providing 60+ hours endurance with a speed of 4 knots and all survey systems running.

Fugro will be dedicating a specialist AUV team to work with Kongsberg Maritime over the next few months during the final build and commissioning of the system. This team will be drawn from key staff involved in previous AUV, ROV and geophysical survey operations. Fugro is confident that this integrated, multi-disciplinary approach will ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness based on the broadest range of skills, knowledge and experience.

The vehicle will be deployed either from one of Fugro dedicated survey vessels or from a local vessel of convenience depending on project specifications and requirements. This could be in conjunction with high resolution seismic geophysical surveys or deepwater ROV survey and intervention work as appropriate.

21 September 2004

Fugro NV

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