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The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) fibre optic cable will be launched this Fr
Date: Thursday, July 09, 2009 @ 11:00:00 EDT

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) reports that The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) fibre optic cable will be launched this Friday as scheduled, by President Mwai Kibaki. Information and Communications PS Dr Bitange Ndemo says contrary to reports that the cable might have interfered with both the heritage and archeological sites at the Port of Mombasa, due diligence was adhered to.

Ndemo who spoke in his office on Tuesday said, project was undertaken with advise and expertise from the National Museums of Kenya and the National Environmental Management Authority NEMA.

The PS who was accompanied by the Ministry of National Heritage PS Dr Jacob Ole Miaron and the Museums of Kenya Director General Dr Idle Omar Farah said the multibillion project is on course.

"From the outset we wish to set the record straight that the landing of the TEAMS cable is right on course and that the launch ceremony will be presided over by His Excellency the President Mwai Kibaki," said Ndemo.

The project that was supposed to cost some 130 million US dollars has already expended 79 million US dollars.

Ndemo said an additional 450 nautical miles was added to initial design to avoid the pirate infested waters of the Indian Ocean.

He noted that the ship wreck that was noticed on the sea bed has been avoided to ensure that the archeological region is not interfered with in any way.

Ndemo urged the media to be objective in their reportage and to avoid situations that could lead to unnecessary delays in implementation of key projects that are expected to steer economic growth.

He noted that the area where the cable will land had always had Telkom Kenya lines and the ones that will land are only an addition to the existing ones.

"Those who did not take seriously the environmental impact assessment reports are the very ones feeding the media with the wrong information," he added.

The National Heritage PS Dr Miaron said the National Museums of Kenya has not objected to the construction work at the landing point, and has always worked with the Ministry of Information and Communication in finding a way through without interfering with the heritage site.

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