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Pioneer Consulting offers new maintenance planning and operational support servi
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 @ 11:00:00 EDT

Pioneer Consulting offers new maintenance planning and operational support serviceThe expansion of Pioneer Consulting's integrated consulting services to the submarine telecommunications industry continues with the launch of a new and unique cable maintenance service.

Pioneer's new Cable Maintenance Planning and Operational Support Service addresses the critical yet mundane fact that inattention to the establishment of written maintenance procedures and close liaison with maintenance authorities and other suppliers can cost the cable operator dearly in terms of downtime, lost revenue, and lost reputation.

Howard Kidorf, Managing Partner at Pioneer observed: "As a truly independent company with no allegiance to any supplier and with only our customer's advantage to motivate us, Pioneer Consulting customizes maintenance solutions to fit the needs of the client and the cable system."

Under the new service, Pioneer Consulting will monitor contract compliance, prepare reports, review invoices, evaluate specialized marine providers, and evaluate repair costs. A team will handle cable records, observe marine activities, evaluate third party crossing notices and manage cable storage areas and stations. In addition, the customer will have access to 24/7 technical advice and support.

A key selling point of the new service is that Pioneer is committed to providing staff with decades of specialized experience in undersea system maintenance replacing the need for similar resources within the client's organization.

Keith Schofield, Director, Submarine Networks commented: "Pioneer's investment in securing experienced international maintenance services expertise has been richly rewarded, resulting in our offering extending beyond implementation, to provide new submarine cable operators with detailed maintenance planning and ongoing support. This reduces the burden of in-house recruitment, training, and management-a new industry solution."

Julian Rawle, Managing Partner at Pioneer, is pleased by the strong commitment to maintenance within Pioneer. Rawle notes that Ramon Fernandez and Alberto Delgado have recently joined Pioneer's team. Rawle notes that "these two, experienced senior members of the industry bring more than 50 years of experience to the service of our clients."

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