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SeaBotix LBV ROV used to inspect nuclear cooling plant
Date: Friday, June 26, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EDT

SeaBotix LBV ROV used to inspect nuclear cooling plantTaiwan Nuclear Power Plant recently used their newly acquired SeaBotix LBV150N (N for Nuclear) ROV system to verify the integrity of their reactor cooling tank. Operating in a low radiation area the LBV inspected the cooling tank for signs of leakage and areas in need of repair.

The operating conditions are not suitable for human divers due to radiation (as high as 10mSv), confined spaces and high temperatures. Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant has been using ROVs for inspecting their facility, however, the previous equipment was no longer suitable. With the compact size, clear video imagery, intuitive controls and capability the LBV was chosen as the successor.

There are several LBVs being used around the world in the Nuclear industry. Most fitted with a high resolution 10x optical color zoom camera capable of resolving hairline fractures. Some in more hostile conditions than others and all providing valuable feedback to the plant owners.

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