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Bottom frame for Nortek instruments
Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Bottom frame for Nortek instrumentsNortek is pleased to announce that, in cooperation with NortekMed (France) now is stocking a new bottom frame suitable for most Nortek instruments, including the AWAC and the Aquadopp profiler. The frame can be shipped worldwide on less than a week's notice.

The painted aluminum frame is packed in a rectangular box measuring 0.41 x 0.23 x 1.1 m. Its small size combined with the light weight means that it is fairly easy and inexpensive to transport. "IKEA-style" assembly drawings are included and everything is designed with focus on ease-of-use. The targeted deployment scenario is shallow coastal deployments using divers and/or a small boat. The frame is not suited for use with acoustic releases and we make no claim of "trawl-proof".

The first 20 frames have already shipped and customer feed back so far is quite good.

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