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ROV Pilot Training at Abel gets top Saab Seaeye Falcon
Date: Friday, May 15, 2009 @ 10:00:00 EDT

ROV Pilot Training at Abel gets top Saab Seaeye FalconHands-on ROV operational training at Abel's dedicated global ROV training facility in Crotone, south of Italy, has been further enhanced with the introduction of the world-beating Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV.

The facility offers ROV training across the industry to pilots and technicians from around the world.

Andrea Bellizzi, Abel's General Manager, says: "We have been extremely busy training students for the ROV industry following IMCA guidelines, and those students have an excellent record of getting a job. They are given many hours of live flying experience with our new Seaeye Falcon ROV that will make recruitment agencies, as well as oil and gas companies, very willing to take on personnel trained by Abel."

The Falcon system supplied to Abel is equipped with a high definition colour camera and low light B/W camera; a Tritech SeaPrince panoramic sonar, and a Single Function, 3 Jaw Manipulator, and Rope Cutter.

The international appeal of the Seaeye Falcon - not only in the oil and gas industry, but amongst defence forces, marine scientists and hydro engineering - comes from its high manoeuvrability, finger-tip control and ability to hold steady in strong cross currents. An intelligent control system also allows easy role change. It is a major world-wide success for Saab Seaeye, the world's largest electric ROV manufacturer.

IMCA Member Abel is a leading ROV contractor that provides high quality, custom designed ROV services with a modern ROV fleet and ancillary equipment, combining modern technology and time proven techniques. Experienced staff are selected and trained according to IMCA guidelines at the ROV Training Division, in order to provide ROV Pilot/Technicians and onshore technical personnel with a strong expertise of ROV operations and maintenance. This allows Abel to minimise the outage time of its systems and set high standards of efficiency of provided ROV services.

Abel's extensive record of ROV services provided to oil and gas companies include operations conducted offshore in the Caspian Sea (Kazakhstan) for GAS, and the inspection for SNAM ReteGas of the TMPC pipeline between Italy and Tunisia using the Innovatum SmarTrack (a first in Italy). Abel also provided ROV services for scientific research and to the hydro industry, like the inspection of 250m of pipeline with a 3000mm diameter, including the manifold regulating the cooling water, of the Edison CET 3 Power Plant in Taranto (south of Italy).

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