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Pioneer Consulting supports the main route survey operation for the MainOne Cabl
Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Pioneer Consulting supports the main route survey operation for the MainOne Cable SystemPioneer Consulting, Project Managers of the MainOne Cable System Implementation working for Main Street Technologies, announce that the main route survey operations have commenced. Phase I of the 1.92 Tbit/s MainOne Cable System covers the route from Portugal to Nigeria with a spur to Ghana.

Following completion of the 27 kilometers inshore survey operation near Portugal last month, Pioneer's shipboard representative joined the GEMS main route survey vessel Kommander Jack on March 26, 2009. In the coming two-month operation, while en route, a number of additional spurs will be evaluated as the vessel charts the undersea terrain from Europe to Nigeria.

Setting the trend for program achievement, Pioneer's Project Director Keith Schofield confirmed that the inshore survey had commenced in January ahead of schedule, and that manufacturing of both cable and sophisticated electronics within the submerged repeaters were also proceeding ahead of plan. Schofield added: "All the organizations are working as one team with one goal-a successful project."

Pioneer's Managing Partner and MainOne Lead Systems Engineer Howard Kidorf commented: "The MainOne Cable is benefiting from the latest proven technology from a world-class system supplier, including low-loss fiber and the option to add and drop traffic on a number of additional landings. This route survey will demonstrate the security and viability of the route for a 25 year design life."

CEO of Main Street Technologies, Funke Opeke, advised that progress on the terrestrial infrastructure is matching the progress on the submarine system, with the terminal station in Portugal already in place and new construction in Nigeria and Ghana passing through local planning and construction preparations many months ahead of the required implementation date.

Asked why she had contracted Pioneer Consulting to oversee implementation of the project, Opeke stated, "The MainOne project is being implemented to the very highest global standards. This includes the selection of an experienced team, such as Pioneer Consulting to lead the implementation. Pioneer is allowing MainOne to focus on operational preparation. When it comes to inspiration, guidance and delivery, it's worth going to an organization totally familiar with carrier's needs."

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