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Hydro Group launches new subsea products
Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Hydro Group launches new subsea productsHydro Group, a global solutions provider of optical and electrical products in the subsea technology industry, has launched three innovative products to the US market at the Underwater Intervention 2009 exhibition in New Orleans (March 3 to 5).

UK-headquartered Hydro Group specialises in the design, manufacture and support of subsea composite electrical, optical fibre and coaxial cables, tethers, connectors and penetrators. The two new connectors and penetrator being unveiled have been produced as a result of high market demand.

Hydro Group's prime business partner for the US market is Swann & Associates, based in Long Island, California. The market is a major one for Hydro Group, with sales from the US accounting for 40% of the Group's turnover and plans to build on this in future.

Doug Whyte, Hydro Group managing director, said: "UI 2009 is a great platform for us to launch the Fibre Link Optical Penetrator, HMC Connector and HCC Connector. There is much anticipation in the marketplace, with the Fibre Link Optical Penetrator already securing pre-launch orders.

"Our Fibre Link Optical Penetrator is the ideal product for the ROV industry as it is guaranteed not to leak at pressures up to 3,000 MSW. It has been highly-sought-after by the market as some competitive products have failed in this area.

"The HMC Connector has very good market potential. Space, weight and volume are limited commodities on ROV and AUV's so size does matter and we designed our HMC to work within the space on offer. HMC is our ultimate miniature connector, designed for continual mate and de-mate useage. As well as taking up little space, it has easy to use pressure sealing caps, pins are protected during mating cycles, with high pin density and it is extremely cost-effective.

"HCC Surface Mateable connector is a highly cost-competitive product to offer ROV and general subsea markets that would currently be using other connectors. To the extent of our knowledge our HCC has the best connection system; compared to similar products currently in the market."

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