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Hafmynd Ehf announces the creation of a new Gavia AUV line: The Gavia Offshore S
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 @ 14:00:00 EDT

Hafmynd Ehf announces the creation of a new Gavia AUV line: The Gavia Offshore SurveyorDrawing on the experiences from numerous trials and operations in the commercial offshore sector with Gavia AUVs, Hafmynd Ehf of Reykjavik Iceland announces a new line: The Gavia Offshore Surveyor which is specifically geared to commercial application of low logistics AUVs.

The Offshore Surveyor contains numerous improvements and upgrades from the standard Gavia vehicles that enhance the operation and usability of the Gavia for commercial applications including: DGPS for improved positioning accuracy, as standard equipped with Kearfott T24 DVL INS for highly accurate subsurface positioning, RF modem, larger solid state memory, enhanced Gavia Control Centre for commercial applications, 500m and 1000m rated models available, SeeByte AutoTracker ready, swath bathymetry capable and with additional specialized modules planned for the needs of the Oil and Gas industry.

The Gavia Offshore Surveyor is a powerful and capable survey tool requiring low logistics, well suited to carrying out a variety of tasks including bathymetric surveys, pipeline inspections, environmental surveys, exploration, post hurricane inspection, pre-lay/pre-build and post-lay/post-build surveys for pipelines and platforms at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. The Gavia Offshore Surveyor is FedEx shippable and can readily be deployed to remote locations where it can be operated from either shore or small boats of opportunity.

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