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ROVworld Lda ships AC-ROV system from Portugal to India
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 @ 08:08:22 EDT

ROVworld is pleased to announce the sale of an AC-ROV system, complete with 100m tether, to Dunnimaa Engineers & Diver Enterprises Pvt Ltd of Mumbai, India.

AC-ROV Large Case System - Tether deployment system fitted with 100m tether andSlipRing. The AC-ROV system comprised the AC-ROV vehicle (depth rated to -75m) along with 100m tether (Neutral buoyancy in Seawater) spooled onto a Tether Deployment System (TDS) with the slip ring option fitted.  A recommended spares pack was also included in the supply. The whole system fits into only one Storm case for ease of transport and deployment.

Mr A S Rathore's, Manager Dunnimaa original inquiry indicated that they were looking for a compact system to include single operator setup and use with ease of transportation by road or helicopter.  As the AC-ROV requires only one operator and fits into only one rugged Storm case,  Mr. Rathore felt that it suited their needs by offering both value for money and high portability.
The AC-ROV will be used by Dunnimaa in the Mumbai High region, West coast of India, for quick response oil & gas support tasks requiring underwater observation and video recording to -75m water depth.

More information on the AC-ROV can be found at:
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