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Low-logistics pipeline inspections now possible using Gavia AUV and AutoTracker
Date: Friday, March 27, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Hafmynd Ehf, the maker of the Gavia AUV announces that AutoTracker active pipeline tracking capability from SeeByte Ltd is now available to our customers following integration trials carried out by Hafmynd and SeeByte in Iceland during October of 2008 when 36 km of pipe were successfully tracked in during operations.

AutoTracker is developed by SeeByte Ltd as a part of it's SeeTrack Offshore family which can be integrated into a Gavia payload allowing the Gavia AUV to autonomously track pipelines using the input of the onboard side scan sonar to maintain a constant offset from the pipe. While actively tracking the pipe the Gavia AUV is capable of using a number of sensors to conduct an inspection of the pipe including side scan and bathymetry and the possibility of other specialized payloads. In addition, AutoTracker includes advanced search routines that enable it to recover the pipeline track after an unexpected pipeline burial.

AutoTraker can be integrated into the standard Gavia AUV and also the 1000m depth rated Gavia. In addition to AutoTracker, the Gavia can mount an array of sensors for varied applications.

According to Arnar Steingrimsson, Hafmynd's marketing manager: "Together with SeeByte Ltd, Hafmynd looks forward to providing all users of the Gavia technology with a new pipeline inspection capability in a deep rated, man portable form factor system, capable of gathering data sets at a substantial saving to the end user when compared to using traditional means."

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