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More Horsepower for Ultra Deepwater Operations
Date: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 @ 15:23:22 EDT

Perry Slingsby Systems are pleased to announce the delivery of additional advanced workclass ROV systems and tooling to Technip's Remote Systems Unit. The following ultra deepwater ROV and tooling systems are in the final build process, or have already been delivered and will further boost the Technip Group's remote intervention capability.

* Triton® XL 40 and Triton® XL 43, 2500 meter depth rated ROVs together with associated tether management systems and topside control consoles are to be installed onboard the CSO Sunrise, operating on a long term charter to Petrobas in Brazil. These two new systems are part of a program to upgrade the existing Triton® XL's which have provided excellent service onboard the CSO Sunrise for the last seven years.

* Triton® XL41, 2500 meter depth rated ROV System which will be used to support Technip's global operations and will be deployed initially on the Dalia Projects Shallow Water Trials in Tarragona, Spain.

* Triton® XL 42 WB (wide bodied), 2500 meter depth rated ROV which is customized to suit the heave compensated moon pool operations on the CSO Constructor. The CSO Constructor, like the CSO Sunrise, will have a matched pair of 100HP Triton XL's.

In addition to these high specification ROV systems Perry Slingsby Systems is also heavily involved in providing a suite of ROV tooling and customized ROV skids to Technip's Remote Systems Unit. The tooling and skids, which are fully integrated with the ROV systems range from hydraulic cutters, hot stabs and intelligent torque tools through to customized skids for fluid injection, pigging and testing, flying lead orientation, suction anchor installation and pipeline connection systems.

This unique combination of manufacturing and operational expertise combines to provide the Technip Group with a fully integrated approach to ROV and tooling operations. It also sees the culmination of a seven year strategic plan coupled to a phased investment, which has resulted in an ultra deepwater advanced ROV fleet with an average age of less than 2.5 years. These latest deliveries will further strengthen the Groups remote intervention capabilities as it prepares to execute the completion of major project in Canada, Norway, Egypt, Brazil, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.

30 June 2004

Perry Slingsby Systems, Inc.

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