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HL-Technologies ahead of the game with new cable design software
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Houston based Cable Systems design and manufacturer HL-Technologies continues to raise the standard on cable design and analysis through the purchase of latest CAD software package, Cable CAD.

HL- Technologies is a company unique in its industry. Amongst other unequaled expertise, they are the only US manufacturer to provide in-house turn-key custom built cables. Now, with the addition of this cutting edge software package to their extensive line of resources, they have pushed their capabilities even further.

HL-Technologies' initiative of adding this resource brings fast and accurate design tools to the already experienced Engineering team of HL-Technologies and its subsidiaries, Umbilicals International and Geocable Systems. Client satisfaction is priority to the company and the introduction of the software means client response time is greatly reduced.

Extensive prototyping and testing will always be a necessity of the manufacturing industry but HL-Technologies consistently discovers ways to streamline and fine tune the process. The software allows the Engineering teams to efficiently perform FEA analysis of their cables at design level, with little or no production being necessary. Anticipated performance and overall characteristics of a design can be reviewed by the client, as well as the impact certain changes in design would have. Less production results in less cost for the client and due to the level of technology the software provides, analysis accuracy is high.

HL-Technologies is constantly proving they are unparalleled in their field and the steps taken to resolve design and analysis issues through their addition of the Cable CAD software further reflects this fact. HL-Technologies can now reassure clients at the design stage how their final product will perform, something very few, if any, of the competition can claim.

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