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Eiva expands rental pool
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Eiva expands rental poolEiva A/S has expand its rental pool with new Portable SVP 15T for Depth Rangers and Workhorse Navigator DVL 1200 kHz.

Portable SVP 15T for Depth Rangers from 40-200m

The Portable SVP 15T uses direct sounding technology to measure sound velocity for shallow depths while a vessel is underway. The Portable SVP 15T can operate in two modes; it can send sound velocity data directly via cable to an external device, and it can operate autonomously by using the internally sealed and rechargeable batteries and storing data collected in internal memory.

Workhorse Navigator DVL 1200 kHz

The Teledyne RDI Navigator 1200 kHz (3000m) provides precise velocity and altitude updates for a wide variety of underwater tasks. The flexible design allows the unit to be used in a standalone configuration or integrated with other navigation systems.

The Workhorse Navigator provides: patented Broadband processing technology providing users with both short and long-term high-precision velocity data, reliable and accurate high-rate navigation and positioning data, proven bottom-detection algorithms and single-ping bottom location for robust and reliable bottom tracking over indeterminate terrain, superior low-altitude bottom-tracking capability, and real-time current profiling data.

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