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Swedish Coastguard selects Applied Acoustics' Easytrak
Date: Monday, March 09, 2009 @ 14:00:00 EDT

Swedish Coastguard selects Applied Acoustics' EasytrakThe Swedish Coastguard has recently awarded Applied Acoustic Engineering a contract for two Easytrak Portable subsea tracking systems through its partner CA Clase AB of Göteborg. Easytrak is a comprehensive USBL tracking system that can provide vital location information on moving targets such as divers and ROVs operating out of sight underwater, and will be primarily used in the authority's search and rescue operations, both along Sweden's coastline and in its many lakes.

As well as the numerous vessels, boats and vehicles the Coastguard requires to patrol, rescue and assist in maritime operations, the authority also recognises the need for specialist technical equipment to add to its effectiveness and efficiency. During dynamic sea trials, Easytrak proved that it could precisely match this requirement by accurately plotting target locations, planning routes and monitoring the paths of divers and subsea vehicles in real-time, saving time and providing safety benefits in the challenging underwater environment.

"The Coastguard in Sweden is a very well respected and professional organisation with extremely high standards of expertise, personnel and equipment, so we are particularly pleased that our Easytrak tracking system was selected to add to its overall capability," commented Gavin Willoughby, Sales Manager.

The Swedish Coastguard is the first such authority to use Easytrak in its search and rescue missions, but several European Navies already use Easytrak for mine counter measure operations and harbour surveillance while other national organisations, including police authorities, are successfully utilising Easytrak systems for a range of underwater positioning tasks.

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